Raising a family in a unit/apartment?

Just read an interesting article on realestate.com.au about “Apartment living with kids”.

Got me thinking, what are the pro’s and con’s of apartment living with a family. Personally I follow the stereotypical Australian Dream of owner a quarter acre block in suburbia with the hills hoist, grass yard with the colourbond fence. But unfortunately, especially in Sydney, the ever-rising cost of living is taking away that dream for many.

What are the benefits of a unit/apartment?

  • Low/No Maintenance of Yards etc.
  • Units are built in urban/metro areas which leaves you close to transport,shops etc.
  • Lower upfront costs.

What are the con’s?

  • Strata Levies can be high in some blocks.
  • Sharing common areas
  • No sense of ownership of land
  • Noise
  • Smaller area to occupy
  • No pets in most cases.

Personally, you still cannot convince me (aside from price) to move into a unit with my family over working just that little bit harder, or moving that little bit further away from the shops to be in a home with land, where I can have my dogs, cat and space to breath.

Have a read of the full article @ http://www.realestate.com.au/blog/apartment-living-reinventing-the-family-home/


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