Bespoke Buying Service

We can help you find your next home.

Most buyers in the market are of the belief that the real estate agent is always acting on behalf of the seller. And we certainly do our best to achieve amazing results for our sellers using our SmartSale strategy.

But what about buyers? How can we help them?

This is where most real estate agents fail. Which is why McDonald Partners has established our SmartSale Bespoke Buying Service.

  • 1. Speak to our Buying Service Agent

    Get in contact with the team at McDonald Partners so we can discuss the process with you and walk you through the next steps.

  • 2. Establish your requirements

    Our agents will discuss your requirements with you and create a suitability profile. From here we will generate a list of addresses to target. We will also ask you for addresses of any properties you may have seen that you would like us to approach.

  • 3. Let us do the legwork

    Our agents we contact the homeowners of suitable homes in the area. This will be homes that aren't on the market that are particularly suitable to you. It may even include homes listed with other agents - we aren't that precious, we want to help!

And how much will all this cost you? Nothing!

This service is provided to all our buyers complimentary. We truly want to help you any way we can.

…But we would love a Google Review when its all done.

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