Thinking of Buying or Selling in the Sutherland Shire! Let us give you a few tips!

Selling or Buying a property can be a very stressful time in your life, it is usually the biggest transaction a person or couple can make in their lives. So here are a few simple, but vital, tips to get you by.

  • Use a Conveyancer/Solicitor you are COMFORTABLE with. Make sure you know your Conveyancer/Solicitor, don’t just choose the person who comes up first on Google, call a few, get to know them. If you are at a loss and don’t know ask your friends or relatives who they may have used, or ask your real estate agent (if you have chosen one).
  • When it comes to choosing an agent you should be interviewing multiple agents, and always keep in the back of your mind cheapest is not always best. Look at it like your going to have brain surgery, you don’t want the budget surgery do you, you want the best surgeon that money can buy. This doesn’t mean you should go out throwing money at an agent, this also isn’t the right thing to do, but choose the agent you are most comfortable with, and has shown to you examples and proof of his results and negotiation skills.
  • Be careful when doing major renovations to sell, It is never necessary to renovate to sell. Obviously if you are missing half a roof, or have no floors it would be our suggestion to probably fix those things, but never put in a new kitchen, or bathroom to sell; at the end of the day, your taste, as generic as you may try to make it to sell, is not the taste of the buyers. A major renovation may infact cost you money at selling time. A presentable, uncluttered and clean home looks great on the market, so clean up, a bit of mulch maybe a lick of paint and touch up any little repairs.

These are just three of the millions of tips we have, and would be happy to share them with you, you can also get a copy of our ‘How to get the Highest Price’ booklet by sending an email to

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