Has the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected the value of your home?

+ helpful tips and tricks.

The world is currently facing unprecedented times and whether we like it or not – our way of life is about to change.

Many of our clients have contacted us questioning whether the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect their real estate transactions and the value of their property.

The answer depends on a range of factors and we are seeing market conditions change from day to day. Like most industries at the moment, it is essential that the real estate industry keep up to date daily on the every changing trends.

Below are a range of tools available to our community as the situation develops.

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Let's check if the value of your home has been affected.

The overall market is currently strong and we are still experiencing good buyer demand for certain properties. 

Even if you are in isolation, we want you to be kept up to date and informed. We have introduced a new online valuation tool that will help us give you an accurate price range if you were to currently sell your home.

This tool is provided absolutely free to all Sutherland Shire residents. 

Today, tomorrow and forever.




What has changed recently?

If you have been financially affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there may be some options available to you that can reduce the impact to your back pocket.

If you own a property with a mortgage:

  • Interest rates are currently extremely competitive, you should take this opportunity to speak with your lender to ensure you are on the best available rate for you.

  • If you are facing hardship, you should speak with your lender. Lenders have dedicated teams to help you through this difficult time and are bound by legislation to assist you in a variety of ways.

If you are a tenant:

The government has also announced several supplements and financial packages that will be available to eligible people through Centrelink. 

You can see more details at:

*McDonald Partners is not a financial services provider and this information is of a general nature, it does not take into account your current financial situation. As always, we recommend you seek professional advice for all financial needs.




Here are some handy tips if you have moved from the office to the home study.​

So you find yourself now working from home. It can be daunting and scary, but follow some of these tips and it can make the transition a little easier for you.

  • Setup a dedicated workspace that is clean and private. This doesn’t mean a separate room if you don’t have the space, but sitting on the lounge with a laptop is not a long term solution.

  • Invest in good technology. Not all workplaces will provide you with a computer or peripherals to access the resources you need to work for home. It is vital that you have fast, efficient and reliable technology that will work as well as you being in the office.

  • Ensure your internet connection can handle the extra bandwidth required to work from home. Remember when kids are accessing school resources and you are trying to video conference, you will need faster internet and a higher download quota.

  • Don’t wear pyjamas. Get up, get ready and sit down at your dedicated workspace as if you are sitting at your desk. It helps you work better and you never know when you’ll need to video chat to your boss.

Read more tips here:




Buy now, Sell now or just hold off.

The real estate market at this point has been mostly unaffected by the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). So to answer this question you really need to look at your personal circumstances.

If you are considering purchasing a property, it is still an excellent time to buy. We have been in contact with mortgage brokers who have assured us that the banks are still well and truly open for business and lending. With interest rates so low, now is a great time to look at entering the real estate market. 

First home buyers especially need to consider that their purchase will be a long term investment into the property market. Like all markets, the property market is not immune to peaks and falls, but in the long term, property has proven to be an excellent investment.

If you are considering selling your property you need to remember that whether the market is good, bad, fantastic or dismal – as long as you buy and sell in the same market, you will be fine. So if you are looking to upgrade your home, or take the step from a unit or villa to a freestanding house, now may be your chance.

Speak to us today about any property transaction questions. We provide free, sound advice and can give you access to property and suburb reports and data.

Given the current social distancing, we are happy to speak to you on the phone, via text, video conferencing and screen sharing.

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