So you want to buy a property?

This website is here to help you submit your offer for consideration. Please read through the instructions carefully and only submit your offer once.


No two people ever think a home is worth the same amount, as such we ask that our buyers offer a price based on what they think the property is worth to them, rather than a comparative bid against another purchaser.

Once we have sufficient interest in a property, we send all interested parties an offer document called a Buyer Price Declaration. On this form we ask each buyer to write the highest price that they are prepared to pay for the property, together with any terms and conditions that they think will assist their offer. This price should be your “walk away” price because we accept in good faith, that all offers are truly the buyers highest offer, so we will submit them to the owners for their consideration.

When you receive your Buyers Price Declaration form we will give all buyers a price guide based on comparable sales. You should read the terms and conditions of the Buyers Price Declaration. We will set a deadline for the form to be returned to us.

We ask for your “walk away” price because we only give each buyer one opportunity to make their best and final offer. Unlike a dutch auction we will not give buyers a chance to increase their offer and will not disclose any other offers to you.


  • When deciding your final offer, end the offer in an odd amount
  • Be clear and precise on any terms you have (e.g. Settlement period, unconditional/conditional exchange, deposit)


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